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Oilfield Sheave from Yoke

The Features of YOKE Oilfield Sheaves

  1. 30 degree groove profile, for oilfield industry.
  2. Groove bottom hardened to minimum 35 Rockwell C, and 140 degree minimum contact area.
  3. Ring roll forged rim provides thicker flange section.
  4. Superior Submerged Arc Welding.
  5. Full penetrated fillet welding reinforces joint between the web, rim and the hub.
  6. YOKE Oilfield Sheave hub with precise machining.
  7. YOKE Oilfield Sheaves are 100% NDT (Non Destructive Tested)
    a. Magnetic Particle Inspection
    b. Ultrasonic Test at web and welding zone
  8. YOKE Oilfield Sheaves coated by Dimetcote.

Yoke are awarded API 8C certification in record time! for their Ringforged (RF) Sheaves

Yoke Industrial Corporation of Taiwan are pleased to announce that following significant capital investment in their Taichung manufacturing facility, that they have been awarded API 8C certification for the manufacture of large diameter RF wire rope sheaves. Steven Hong, Chairman of Yoke said " I am very proud of all our employees who have all worked extremely hard to achieve API 8C certification in such a short time, whilst continuing to maintain our API Q1 facility, particularly the design, engineering and manufacturing people, On our 30 year anniversary this year in 2015, it is a significant milestone, being one of only a few global sheave manufacturers who have the technical and manufacturing capabilities to manufacture RF sheaves for the ever increasing demands of the energy industry."

Yoke continue to invest in advanced manufacturing techniques in order to  meet their partners demands for high performance sheaves used in Drilling Blocks, Travelling Blocks, Tubing Blocks, Crown Blocks, Draw Works, Divertors and Motion Compensation sheaves both on Drill Ships, Land and Offshore Drilling Rigs and other energy related applications. Yokes investment in capital equipment in 2014, a project to manufacture and supply large diameter RF sheaves by early 2015 came to its pinnacle this month, with the award of the API 8C certification in what was a record time. Yoke's geographic manufacturing location close to many of the major drill ship and oil rig fabrication yards greatly reduces the lead time faced by many of its competitors. Yoke will work closely with its WDC and OEM partners to ensure that its range of API 8C sheaves are available in all the major energy related hubs around the globe.

The Yoke RF sheave offers maximum strength with minimum weight, utilising the advanced manufacturing techniques it has developed for the API 8C RF sheave programme for ultimate performance in the field. Full penetration robot welding, stress relieving, groove profiling and hardening, balancing and final coating means that Yoke can offer a short lead time, for both of the shelf sheaves and customer designed, equipped with or without high performance bearings. Yoke's design of RF sheaves enables them to offer other benefits, such as increased rim wall thickness for large fleet angles, different levels of groove depth and hardness without having to sacrifice an increase in total sheave weight. Yoke Engineering can use modelling to develop the best mix of rim, web and hub to suit the application minimising the weight but maintaining the strength, integrity and performance expected of a API 8C RF sheave. This unique design offers a very competitive sheave and can enhance the lifetime performance.

Yoke also offer third party type approval on their range of API 8C RF sheaves, such as DNV, ABS, LRS and other major organisations.

This capital investment in larger diameter API 8C sheaves enhances Yoke's current range of YSB Snatch blocks and forged sheaves which already form a major section of their product offering of chain and wire rope fittings. Yoke continues to expand its range of material handling and liftting products in order to become the partner of choice in the energy industry.